Clearline Industries has over forty years of experience in manufacturing and metal finishing.  With the most sophisticated technology available we are able to maintain high quality, ensure on time delivery, provide superior part to part consistency, and keep costs affordable.


Our manufacturing methods are based on proven processes that have been refined over the years. We can source all of your required components or work with your current suppliers to develop the necessary manufacturing processes- all in an effort to produce products that are second to none. Additional benefits of our manufacturing services include: reduced inefficiencies, reduction in costs, maximized quality, and faster production times. Our In-House tooling department saves time and money, offering substantial savings by providing modular tooling that already fits a variety of parts. Even for small runs, our affordable and effective tooling prices will save you time and money.

Robotic Finishing

With computer technology at hand, Clearline Industries is able to fulfill your polishing and buffing needs in the most cost effective way possible.  Our robots can polish or buff your parts to a consistent finishing every time and our in-house robotics experts can custom tailor a job to meet your unique finishing needs.  The robots we use can handle parts up to 240 pounds and custom designed load and unload stations can be modified to accommodate a wide variety of various parts.

The use of robotics allows us to streamline the finishing process and offer consistent high quality services at minimal prices.  Clearline offers complete job management from design, to tooling product integration, through manufacturing, and shipping. All under one roof. If your need is finishing and plating you’re covered. Should your needs include start to finish product management you’re covered. 34 years of experience demonstrates our competency and commitment. As a customer you decide your needs and we make those needs reality.

Manual Finishing

If your finishing needs require manual finishing, we have highly skilled personnel in-house to meet your requirements.  Manual finishing is commonly used on smaller production runs and specialty products that require that “human touch.”

Tooling Department

At Clearline, we also have an in-house tooling department equipped with the most advanced precision cutting and custom tooling machines.  Our staff of experienced tool and die makers are able to meet the requirements of your tooling needs.  Besides offering custom tooling services to our customers, Clearline Tooling aids in the finishing and manufacturing processes allowing us to decrease setup time and minimize cost.

Our tooling department is equipped with the most advanced tooling technology including a Mitsubishi wire EDM machine for precision cutting and a Precision 4 Axis CNC Mill for tough custom tooling requirements.

With our in-house tooling, we provide the fastest turnaround times and tooling done right the 1st time.